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I've been running the MotionInMotion RubyMotion Screencast for a while now, and I think it's time for me to do more.

We were all extremely sad when the amazing Ryan Bates went on hiatus and since hasn't come back. No one will ever replace him, but what I'd like to do is try and help fill the space he left.

Welcome to the RailsInMotion launch sign up list.

RailsInMotion will be premium weekly screencast, $9/month for 1 episode a week, covering a large range of Ruby/Rails related topics, mainly focused on web development.

The general topics I'll be covering are:
  • Tools & Gems
  • Architecture
  • Testing
  • Tips & Tricks
Each episode will likely be about 10-15 minutes long, with some occasionally being a little longer or shorter.

If you're interested in the quality of the videos (1080p is the plan), check out the tests I did with my most recent recording equipment upgrade.



Details will becoming out soon with some launch specials, possibly 50% off for the first year if you sign up for this list, or maybe 20% lifetime discount, I haven't decided yet. You'll have to put your name and email in to find out soon *hint hint*.

Launch will be within the next 1-3 months, with people that prepay (once that's ready to go) getting to join the exclusive RailsInMotion Feedback Council and have the biggest impact on what RailsInMotion will be.

An email will be going out next Monday (July 21st) with prepay and launch special details, and it will also be automatically sent to everyone that subscribes after that date.

So put your name and email in, and get ready for some Ruby/Rails screencasts! Yay!

(also read the announcement blog post: http://blog.motioninmotion.tv/railsinmotion-it-s-official)
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